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Best of the Festival

Painfull Pride

Dir: Saumitra Singh


Runner up

Only Death Never lies

Dir: Sam Yazdanpanna


Jury Award


Dir: Paul Jerndal


Best Feature Film of the Year


Dir: Otis Birdy


Best Documentary of the Year

Last Call for Tomorrow

Dir: Gary Null,  Valerie Van Cleve

Best Documentary of the Year

Last Call for Tomorrow

Dir: Gary Null, Valerie Van Cleve


Best Experimental Film of the Year

Into the Abyss

Dir: Waleed Sokkar

Best Narrative of the Year

New Born

Dir: Oli Greck

Best Animation film of the Year

The Winter

Dir: Xin Li

Best Web/Media of the Year

The Gliwensbourg Chronicles

Dir: Emilie Tommasi

Best Student film of the Year

Q: Ghostly Remote Effect

Dir: Marcus Hanisch

Best Drama of the Year

Il Vestito( The Suit)

Dir: Maurizio Ravalesse

Best Melodrama of the Year


Dir: Juan Jose Bors

Best Comedy of the Year

Multi Dates

Dir: Guillaume Moreels

Best Dark Comedy of the Year

The Body

Dir: Adam Weber

Best Debut Feature of the Year

Fish Also Drown

Dir: Robert Yun, Anton Chikishev

Best Debut Documentary of the Year


Dir: Michael Winfield

Best Thriller of the Year


Dir: Simon Ross

Best Psycho Thriller of the Year

Darkness of otherwhere

Dir: Ayoub Qanir


Best Fantasy Film of the Year

Monkey Enters Lanka

Dir: Saie Surendra


Best Sci fi film of the Year


Dir: Yifan Du


Best Micro Budget Film of the Year

The Conspiracy of Dark Falls

Dir: Flynn Moores


Best Musical film of the Year

Brides of Jesus

Dir: Joe Bartone, Jose Zambrano Cassella


Best Romantic film of the Year

Prison City

Dir: Zeng Jianwu


Best Horror of the Year


Dir: Andreas Avgousti


Best Social Film of the Year


Dir: Jeon Joohyun


Best Silent Movie of the Year

July 15th

Dir: Kristan Comer


Best Poetry  film of the Year

Home Time

Dir: Bhulla Beghal


Best Inspirational Film of the Year

Salar Girls

Dir: Zhang Haitao


Best LGBTQ film of the Year

Pas De Deux

Dir: Rebekah Fortune


Best Fan Film of the Year

Star Wars: Origins

Dir: Phil Hawkins

Honourable Mention:Documentary film

Let Me Have My Hands Again

Dir: Konstantin Selin

Honourable Mention:Social film

I Wash My Hands In Innocence